A New Restaurant Reservation Alternative for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest

Looking for a restaurant reservation system in Seattle or the Pacific Northwest? If so, look no further than Eveve, which now offers restaurants in Washington, Oregon, Idaho and British Columbia the definitive solution.

Seattle is America's fastest growing major city, with one of the Nation's most diverse and accomplished restaurant communities. As the population density of the city increases markedly, reservations have become an increasingly important element of the dining experience, particularly for fine dining restaurants looking to best manage their tables. Reservations also benefit diners who wish to make plans, and do not like uncertainty or lengthy waiting times. Studies show that reservations are made disproportionately by those who are resource rich, but time poor-exactly the kind of diners which fine dining restaurants want. As disposable income in Seattle continues to rise further, the appetite for fine dining and reservations will continue to grow.

For establishments where reservations are part of the very fabric of the dining experience, online reservations systems have a beneficial impact on the restaurants in terms of improving the guest experience and maximising online bookings by facilitating them 24/7. Reservation systems also help build a customer database and provide a foundation for valuable marketing activities. Beyond this, Eveve provides the most comprehensive and powerful table inventory management tool available, which minimises unnecessary wastage of tables and maximises revenue for restaurants.

The problem for Seattle and Pacific Northwest restaurateurs is that in the past 18 months, was that for those who expressed a desire for a live restaurant booking system, there was just one choice - Opentable. Prior to mid-2013, restaurateurs had a viable alternative in the form of Rezbook, the booking platform created by Urbanspoon. While not quite as advanced as Opentable's reservation system and table management, Rezbook did provide a competent entry level booking system, at a competitive price. Most importantly, the very element of competition meant that prices in the Seattle restaurant reservation systems market could never become excessive.

Rezbook no Longer an Alternative

Unfortunately that dynamic changed in July 2013 when Opentable purchased Rezbook by Urbanspoon, and in an instant moved from an approximate 75-85% market share to an effective 100% share. Consequently, many restaurateurs in Seattle are looking for an alternative to Rezbook. Like any market, when one monopoly supplier controls the supply, the result is uncompetitive prices and service.

Luckily for Seattle and the Pacific Northwest's restaurateur communities, that changed in November 2014, when America's second largest reservation supplier, by online reservations, entered the Seattle market. Eveve was launched in the USA in 2011 in the Twin Cities, and the company was fortunate to be received with open arms, quickly moving into the leading position in the State. Today nine of the 10 busiest independent restaurants in Minnesota choose Eveve. With Minnesota anchoring the Midwest, Eveve chose Houston as its Southern base of operations, and now five of Houston's 10 busiest restaurants also use the solution.

Eveve chose Seattle to anchor its West Coast operations, rather than the more usual choice of San Francisco. Why? We caught up with Timothy John Ryan, Eveve's CEO, to find out: "For us, Seattle was the clear front runner. The city and the broader metropolitan area, including Tacoma and Bellevue, boast some of America's best restaurants. Moreover, Seattle, has perhaps the most exciting tech scene in America right now, with locally based companies making global waves such as Microsoft, Expedia and Amazon. Additionally, it is pretty rare these days to find a major city in America with such an unrestricted monopoly. Even San Francisco or Vancouver [British Columbia] have more competition. Finally, the weather seems similar to our native Scotland-so how could we resist?".

EVEVE offers a compelling service to Seattle and the Pacific Northwest's best restaurants. EVEVE's biggest unique selling point is the quality of its reservation system and table management software, which is one of the most accomplished tools available anywhere, designed to handle high volume, large restaurants. Moreover, it offers peerless yield management tools and information, which mean that restaurants are best placed to maximise their reservations. What makes the EVEVE proposition unique, is that the fees are based on a banded licence fee model and rather than a charge per diner booked online. In practical terms, this means dramatic savings, particularly for the busiest restaurants. You can find more about EVEVE offerings here

To best serve the Seattle and broader Pacific Northwest restaurant community, EVEVE have invested locally, and recruited a talented local representative, Crystal Montgomery. Though based in Seattle, Crystal is specifically tasked with serving the entirety of Washington and EVEVE offers onsite service throughout the State including Spokane, Bellevue, Tacoma, Vancouver, Everett, Kent, Kirkland, Yakima and Renton. Moreover, Crystal will also be helping restaurants in Vancouver, British Columbia, Portland, the State of Oregon and Idaho, again with onsite visits.

If your restaurant is based in Washington, British Columbia, Idaho or Oregon, do not delay, call our Northwest team today:

Crystal Montgomery: 713 701 5383